Foreigner Seeking a Florida License

Are you a foreigner recently arrived in Florida and in need of a US license? We've got you covered! Our driving school offers comprehensive assistance to foreigners, guiding you through preparation, courses, exams, and getting you on the road—all completed in just one day.

Here's your guide to starting driving:

Prerequisites for Obtaining Your Florida License.

Your Country's Driver's License Requirement.

Foreigners must possess a valid driving license from their country. Don't have one? No problem! Purchase the Drug & Alcohol course at checkout to fulfill this requirement.


Class E Driving Exam

Say goodbye to waiting in lines! Take the Class E Driving Exam directly at our office. Receive personalized one-on-one practice with our certified instructors to ensure you're fully prepared to pass. Our fleet of Dany Driving School cars is available for your exam.


Explore Our Range of Driving Lesson Packages.

Feeling unsure about your road readiness? Opt for our 5, 6, or 7-day programs inclusive of driving lessons to build your confidence behind the wheel.